I read another page and it said you needed two types of pills, is that true?

Right, there is another pill named Mifepristone. You can perform abortion using two pills (both Misoprostol and Mifepristone), or you can use Misoprostol only. However, Mifepristone is a so called controlled substance; it means that selling it online is illegal; so Misoprostol itself is the preferable option for medical abortion at home.

Is this for anyone to buy or it this just for companies?

Anyone can order abortion pills at our site.

Up to how many weeks is it safe to take this pill?

You can safely take Misoprostol for pregnancy termination up to X weeks after the first day of the last menstrual period.

I'm in Dallas is there any way I can drive to Houston and pick it up?

You cannot pick it up; we only deliver it to the stated address.

Does the pill you are selling actually work?

Yes, it does. The success rate is over 90%.

I cannot seem to get a confirmation of my order. I placed one yesterday and it didn't process. Places again this morning and still haven't gotten a confirmation.

Please, call phone

Is this pill covered under insurance?

No, it isn’t.

How will this order be shown in my credit card history? Will it say "abortion pill"? Would it be seen that there is an abortion pill in my package?

Privacy is guaranteed in every respect. We do not use the term "abortion pill" anywhere.